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the line quoted is form Homer the Heretic and the image is from Bart the Daredevil. 
get it together, internet. 

the line quoted is form Homer the Heretic and the image is from Bart the Daredevil

get it together, internet. 

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sometimes i don’t know how people survive. financially speaking.

i almost only spend money on groceries and bills. the past few months that is all it has been. no books. no clothes. nothing that wasn’t necessary. i work full time as it is. 

but i till feel like i’m drowning. speeding ticket, late fees, etc. drowning. 

i can’t catch up.

how do you people survive?

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anxiety. lots of anxiety. can’t stop. want to throw up. want to cry. can’t get my chest to quiet or calm. can’t take calming breaths. nothing is working. this is a bad morning.

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curry is my favorite food group.

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In Defense/Not Defensive Part 1 →

Excellent article. I love the work of David Gussak; so few people have conducted and written studies regarding art therapy with inmates or within the legal system. 

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Inflammatory dietary pattern linked to depression →

there are several studies that have produce the same or similar results. obviously everyone body will react differently to different things depending on many specific biological and genetic factors, but this information is invaluable in terms of our studying mental disorders and trying to find ways to live with them. 

panic and anxiety is more my thing, but i know too many who struggle with depression on a daily basis and this little boost could change the course of an entire day for them.

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a broken crayon can still color.

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*doesn’t check bank account*
*pretends everything is fine*


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"Walking, I am listening to a deeper way. Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me. Be still, they say. Watch and listen. You are the result of the love of thousands."
Linda Hogan
Native American Writer (via commovente)

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helping sammie edit her final paper for her degree makes me miss her like crazy. i hope she is never able to perfect american-english verb tense so she always has to ask me for help, that way i will be indispensable as a friend. 

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i honestly love how children contextualize things sometimes. i was watching Pocahonatas with the kids for the umpteenth time when Tessa says, “that’s the bad guy!” pointing to one of the native american characters who was fighting with a white settler. i can see her confusion, she is only 3 and genuinely has no context for what was happening on the screen.
then Wyatt says, “no, Tessa. the bad guy is Radcliff with the big purple coat. and some of the other white guys.”

(to be clear, I have explained that the movie is not accurate to history and this is just a re-telling adjusted for children. though i glossed over the more violent and sexualized bits. he is just 8).

"you are right, Wyatt. Even though people were killed on both sides in the this fight, ultimately the settlers were the bad guys."
"yea. Because the natives were just defending themselves and Radcliff is like an evil Mr. Crabs because all he wants is money and gold and does bad things to get it."
"…yes. that is accurate." 

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president bill pullman’s all “hey so these invaders from some other place are trying to murder all of us, like seriously, this is a fight for our right to exist, and they have some kinda crazy advanced weaponry and we might not survive but we have to try”

and the native americans are all like “cool story bro”

and we all secretly hope the brits come back to seize america. with the queen leading the helm from the most bejeweled chariot in existence. we hope she’ll be like, “you guys get your land back, native americans! come to my next jubilee!” but we know they won’t…
but the space invaders might be more understanding. who knows.

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My hair is doing some nice thangs today.

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finally got this today. yesss.
also, discovered a comic called Doctor Spektor. i think i might dig it.

finally got this today. yesss.

also, discovered a comic called Doctor Spektor. i think i might dig it.

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Hobby Lobby Still Covers Vasectomies And Viagra →

to be clear, perfectly clear, it is obvious what exactly they are opposed to- female sexuality. 
as far as i am concerned they are attacking the culture of what it is to be female (and it is its own culture) and denying rights based on that alone. it is a hate crime. and the government supports it.

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